baby acneBaby acne and how to get rid

Baby acne also known as infant or infantile baby acne is a harmless common
condition that tends to look like a rough red rash with pimples.

If you are concerned about your babies skin condition or if you think it may be more than simple baby acne you can check

for more information on baby skin conditions here

They arrive and look utterly gorgeous. You come home from hospital, and
after a couple of weeks you let everyone know that it’s ok to pop over to
see for themselves how lovely he looks, then it happens!

He develops Baby Acne! You’re horrified he is covered in little red pimples and want to know
why and how too get rid of baby acne as soon as possible and certainly
before the guests arrive to coo over your bundle of joy!

Well sadly there is no cure, baby acne can develop from a few days old to
2 or 3 weeks after delivery and goes on its own.

How long baby acne takes to go does depend on each baby, but its about 2 to 3 weeks. But baby acne can stay for as long as 3 months!

Boys I find tend to suffer more than girls and it tends to stay longer with boys too.

What causes it?

The cause of baby acne is unsure but the main theory is that it’s caused by a
hormone transfer in the latter stages of pregnancy and in birth from the mother to the baby.

Medication taken while breastfeeding or medication your baby is taking may also cause baby acne.

After a few days or weeks these hormones need to be expelled from your baby’s body and they tend to come out in the skin, hence causing spots and pimples.

The severity of this is also very varied from a few spots around the chin and nose to the face being covered and spots also can cover the chest, arms and back.

What can I do to get rid of them?

Again, sadly nothing. Following your normal topping and tailing routine each
day and bathing in mild baby soap or just plain water is the best

Try not to over wash your baby as this can make baby acne worse and leaving spotty

skin oil free may help.

I know it’s tempting but don’t squeeze the spots, if you break the skin you
may introduce bacteria that will then cause infection.

I know it looks unpleasant but try not to be too worried about baby acne, if your
baby is happy and healthy and not bothered by it then you shouldn’t be too
and as most parents have gone through the same thing, when they come to
visit they will understand.

As with any form of rash in babies, if you’re unsure about the spots and
worried in any way, then a quick trip to the doctors or nurse to confirm
they are baby acne spots and nothing more severe is advisable.

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