Baby Sleep Positioner

The Baby sleep positioner was created to help keep your baby safe while he or she is sleeping. There are two different styles of sleep positioner – one is basically flat but has bolstered sides, and the other is shaped like a wedge creating an incline for baby to sleep on.

baby sleep positioner

The sleep aids were created for a number of reasons. The wedge is used to keep babies in a more upright position. This will help cut down on acid reflux from drinking milk and then laying down flat. Adults get acid reflux in the same way but it is not recommended to put a pillow in bed with an infant to raise their head. There is a chance that they could get caught and the pillow could ultimately suffocate them.

The wedge is one large piece and can’t easily be moved by an infant. There is a good chance that the baby will be able to stay elevated at least a little bit. The other condition is called flat head syndrome. This occurs when the baby stays in the same position for long periods of time and he is not moved regularly. The skull of a newborn is still very soft and impressionable. In order to make sure that the baby’s skull keeps its nice round shape they should be moved regularly giving equal time to each side of the head.

In addition, many manufacturers of baby sleep positioner feel they can help cut down on the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, usually referred to as SIDS. Every year, thousands of babies from 2 to 4 months of age die suddenly in their cribs.

The other type of sleep positioner creates almost a cradled environment for the baby to sleep in. Babies have been in the same enclosed position for nine months so they are most comfortable being in close surroundings. Most of these baby sleep positioner are meant to give the baby its own enclosed space while still leaving room for him to grow. Many people use this type of baby positioner when they keep their baby in bed with them.

Every parent has the best intentions of their baby at hand but if you have an infant sleeping in between you and your spouse, it could be hazardous if one of you were to roll over on the baby while asleep. You would probably not get a good night’s sleep anyway because you would be too worried about rolling over on your baby without realizing it.

When you have a baby sleep positioner that has sturdy sides to it, they will prevent you or your spouse from rolling over onto baby and not realizing before it is too late. The sleep positioner that surrounds the baby while creating a safe environment is a good solution to this problem.

This type of baby sleep positioner is meant to be put in between the two parents and their pillows. Some have barriers at the top and bottom so that baby can’t get caught up in anything. Most are made out of cotton the sheets are machine washable. Look for a sleep positioner that has mesh sides, this ensures that baby won’t get wedged against the side and not be able to breathe. The netting gives enough ventilation so baby can breathe even if he were wedged against the side of the carrier.

Some carriers just have sides on them but no foot or heat brace. It is easy to just place baby in the middle of the two sides.

Some baby sleep positioner are made to tuck securely under the mattress. This anchors the carrier and can be used until the baby is able to roll over or push themselves into an upright position. There are versions of the sleep positioner that even have a night light built into it. This means that moms can nurse their baby without having to turn on bright overhead lighting or lamps and wake baby up.

The other good thing is that once baby is ready to sleep in his own crib, you can transition him with the baby sleep positioner that they are already comfortable with. Most positioner are portable enough to fold up and take with you wherever you go. They come in an assortment of colors and patterns.

The wedge positioner is usually made of one piece that creates an incline so that baby does not sleep completely flat in the crib. Just the slightest incline could help prevent your little one from suffering from acid reflux. You actually put this type of positioner under the sheets on the crib, therefore there is no risk of it rolling over onto your baby. Many are made of polyurethane foam and are flame retardant.

The wedge positioner are also good for keeping baby from staying in the same flat position for too long. While they are so little, it is good to keep changing their positions for them if you can in order to prevent the flat head syndrome.

There are also rounded baby sleep positioner that allow you to put baby’s head right in the middle spot. They are usually rounded and made out of a colorful playful material. Some actually are shaped like a horseshoe and you can use them while you are traveling and baby is in his car seat. This is a much needed accessory to have especially when the child is big enough to ride in the car. Many times the baby has tilted to one side and their poor neck has the weight of their head on top. This would keep the baby from staying in that position and having their neck ache.

If you are considering either type of sleep positioner make sure that it is right for you and your child. Try to find one that fits the baby’s size but still has room for them to grow. Check out all of your options and make sure that it is washable and easy to use.