Baby eczema remedies

There are many simple baby eczema remedies that can be used at home if you are told your baby has baby eczema.

But first of all lets make sure your baby has eczema by reading the symptoms page here or better still confirming with your doctor.

Once the condition has been confirmed by your doctor and treatment has begun, the following can be tried to help easy your baby’s skin and make them more comfortable.

One of my babies I looked after developed baby eczema at about 10 weeks old. Using some simple baby eczema remedies we stopped any ‘flare ups’ even while we where on summer holiday in a very hot France.

1) Moisturise baby’s skin. Keep your baby’s skin moist with a cream or lotion emollient. Use this baby eczema remedies idea many times a day, each nappy change is a good time, to keep skin moist.

2) Bath emollient. Use bath emollients in baby’s bath and wash baby’s skin with aqueous cream. Try to keep baby in the bath for about 20 minutes. The creams work well together to trap moisture in the skin. Avoid using any scented baby washes.

3) Bath water temperature. Don’t have your baby’s bath water too hot. A nice warm bath is best and won’t heat the skin.

4) Washing detergents. Change your washing power for baby’s clothes to a sensitive skin brand and press the extra rinse button on your washing machine to make sure all detergent is removed from washed clothes.

5) Cool bedroom. Keep your baby’s bedroom cool so the skin stays cool and they don’t get too hot and then begin to itch in the night.

6) Cotton clothing. Keep your baby in layers of cool cotton. This makes keeping them at the right temperature much easier to control. Stay away from synthetic materials and wools.

7) Short nails. Keep baby’s nails short. This is a baby eczema remedies idea that is easy but helps so much. If the nails are kept short then it lowers the risk of baby scratching and any itchy patches getting infected.

8) Food diary. Keep a food diary may help you to find any food triggers your baby might have if you think a food is making baby eczema worse. Keep a baby food diary for baby if he is weaned or one for you if you are breast feeding.

Medical baby eczema remedies

9) Steroid creams. For severe ‘flare ups’ your doctor may give you some steroid cream to apply to very sore patches. This is a baby eczema remedies idea that you should only use as directed by your doctor.

10) Emollient creams. Your doctor may prescribe aqueous cream for the skin and bath emollients to help lock in moisture in baby’s skin.

11) Dermatologist. Your doctor may suggest seeing a dermatologist for more severe baby eczema.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my baby eczema remedies page and some have helped your baby’s skin.

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