Baby Eczema

Baby eczema or Atopic dermatitis is a dry itchy skin rash that can occur in children in their first 5 years of life and is the most common form of baby eczema. It can carry on into adult life but if it develops early children often grow out of it.

If your baby has been diagnosed with eczema by a medical professional or you are aware of an existing condition, you can find some helpful remedies here

The main areas of your baby’s body which may suffer are:

* Hands
* Creases in the arms and backs of knees
* Body
* Legs
* Face

Baby eczema is a skin rash that can’t be cured but with the right creams and treatment it can be controlled.

How bad your baby’s skin is can vary, from a few dry spots on their body, to being almost covered. They may also suffer from red spots that ooze fluid from time to time.

Most children with eczema suffer ‘flare ups’ from time to time. These can be well controlled with the help of steroid creams. These creams will vary in strength, and the strength of cream you use will depend on how bad your baby’s skin is.

About 20 per cent of babies and young children will develop baby eczema.

What causes baby eczema? It’s allergens and triggers

The causes of baby eczema are unknown but it is thought that it can be inherited if a close family member has had it in the past, or suffers from asthma or has other allergies.

If you are prone to developing eczema due to having a close family member that suffers from it, then certain allergens may act as triggers for it to develop.

Allergens that have been shown to be triggers are:

* pet fur
* house dust mites
* pollen

Baby eczema can also be triggered by:

* Stress
* Harsh detergent
* Perfumed soaps
* Cold weather
* Hot weather
* Wool clothing
* Pollution

It is rare but baby eczema can be triggered by types of food. If a food is thought to be the trigger then it often develops before the age of one year.

The most common food types that have been shown as triggers are:

* cows milk
* nuts
* eggs
* soya

If you are breast feeding and your baby begins to show signs of baby eczema then there may be a food stuff that you are eating that is being passed to your baby through your breast milk.

If you think this is the case then cut out or reduce any foods you are eating that may be the trigger.

Keeping a food diary has also helped some of my mums to find the food that was the trigger for their baby.

It is always very important to get your doctor to take a look at your baby when there is any form of rash and if you think your baby is showing signs of baby eczema.

Please also take a look at my baby eczema remedies page for some helpful tips on how to control your baby’s eczema.

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