Baby growth spurt remedies

Knowing what baby growth spurt remedies may help your baby when he or she is on a growth spurt, will help you stay sane when you are feeling tired and unsure what else to do with your little feeding machine!

It is worth checking the symptoms firstly to determine if your baby is actually going through a growth spurt by reading our information here

Baby growth spurt remedies especially for a breast feeding baby.
If you are breast feeding the constant demands on you to feed your baby more and more, and still he doesn’t seem satisfied, is hard even on the most hardy of mums. The body has a design flaw that means it often takes a couple of days to produce the same amount of milk that baby needs.

1) All this feeding is going to drain your energy reserves. Eating and drinking regularly, and drinking a large glass of water at each feed is a baby growth spurt remedies suggestion that can help you to produce the milk your baby needs.

2) Resting when you can! I know this is a tricky one but even getting a friend or relative to take baby out for a walk while you have a power nap can make a huge difference.

3) Expressing a little extra milk in between feeds can help to ‘up’ your supply ready for the next baby growth spurt.

4) Don’t time your feeding sessions. As long as baby is actively feeding*, and not just hanging around on your breast because it’s a nice warm place to be, then be guided by baby. Most breast fed babies have usually drained each breast or had their fill within an hour.

*If baby is feeding and is in a nice rhythm, his little ears are moving, the jaw is moving nicely and you can hear him swallowing then he is actively feeding.

5) Fenugreek and fennel tea have been suggested to help improve milk production.

Baby growth spurt remedies for a bottle feeding baby.

1) If you are bottle feeding then life is still very busy but you can pass baby to someone else to feed and you don’t have to wait for your body to catch up with your baby’s needs.

2) Keep to your regular feed times. If needed give baby a little top up of an ounce or two to keep him on track and the routine in place.

3) If you find that each time you feed your baby, he is draining each bottle and still wants more then increase each feed by 1 ounce.
Baby growth spurt remedies whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding. 

1) If he needs a little top up in between feeds then let him. If you are on a routine and have regular feed times, stick to these but if he needs a little  extra 10 minute breast feed or an extra ounce of formula to get him to the next feed, then that’s ok. More help with this can be found here

2) If your baby has become unsettled by his baby growth spurt then one of my baby growth spurt remedies is to get him out for a walk when he should be taking a nap. The movement of the buggy may help him to switch off and take a doze. Make sure you have these items .

3) If your baby has become very sleepy during his growth spurt then another of my baby growth spurt remedies is to let him have a little extra sleep but don’t over do the day time naps. An extra 10 or 15 minutes should help him and keep him in his routine and won’t interfere with night time sleep. Check out our sleeping chart here to see how much sleep baby should be getting .

4) Swaddling a fretful baby can make a huge difference to how he gets to sleep and can calm even the most stressed baby. Swaddling makes them feel safe and secure and once swaddled, you may see them visibly relax. Find out how to swaddle here

5) If your baby has developed a sensitive tummy due to his growth spurt and is vomiting more than normal then burping him more often during his feed may help. I often let my babies take 2 ounces at a time with a good burp break of about 5 minutes in between.

6) And my final baby growth spurt remedies suggestion is to offer baby more cuddle time. If he is feeling upset by all this sudden growing then some reassuring cuddles are always going to help. It’s also a great time to get some skin to skin contact.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my baby growth spurt remedies page and some of my suggestions have helped you and your baby.

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