Baby Growth Spurt

baby growth spurt

A baby growth spurt is when your baby’s growth accelerates and they  grow very quickly. This is all part of growing up and each spurt is perfectly normal.

“Christine, what did you feed him over night? He’s bigger than he was at the last feed !” If I could have a pound for every time I have heard one of my mums say this to me I would be writing this from a sunny beach :)

Yes we are on a growth spurt. Now all the books say that your baby will have a growth spurt at roughly 3, 6, 9, and 12 weeks and 6 and 9 months. They can, in my experience, happen whenever and usually last for a day or two.

In fact your baby will continue to have baby growth spurts throughout the toddler years and into puberty as well.

Baby boys and girls both have baby growth spurts but it’s baby boys who seem to get more upset by them. This is because a baby boy’s growth pattern is more erratic and they grow in fits and starts whereas a baby girl’s growth pattern follows more of a steady growth path.

Baby Growth Spurt Symptoms

There are many tell tail signs that you will learn to pick up on that will signal to you that your baby is on a baby growth spurt. Here is a list of the most common.

how does a baby act during a growth spurt

1) Feeding more often. Your baby may well feed more often while he is  mid baby growth spurt. Not only is your baby’s tummy getting bigger so he can take on board more milk but the comfort that feeding gives him helps to calm him. Help with this can be found here

2) Feeding for longer. Your baby may feed for longer. This is because he is able to eat more and if you are breast feeding the action of feeding for longer naturally tells your body to start producing more milk. More Help with this can be found here

3) Unsettled. While your baby is going through his baby growth spurt he may become more unsettled than usual. Boys tend to be more unsettled than girls. More Help with this can be found here

4) Vomiting.  Some babies spit up more than their usual amount when growing. This is because all the internal organs grow as well and this includes the stomach, which can become more sensitive during a growth spurt and  when full of milk. More Help with this can be found here

5) Baby acne. Your baby may become more spotty than normal. This happens when growth hormones increase and then are expelled out through the skin. More Help with this can be found here

6) Sleep more. Your baby may sleep much better and for longer at each nap time and at night. You may find yourself waking baby up for his next feed.More Help with this can be found here

7) Sleep less. Your baby may sleep less while he is on a baby growth spurt. This is more common I find in boys as they often find it very hard to switch off while growing. More Help with this can be found here

8) Comfort. If your baby gets upset while on a baby growth spurt then lots  of cuddles may be needed. Many of my routine led families worry that they will spoil their little one and the extra contact will make them more clingy. Don’t worry, an extra cuddle by anyone in the family or a visiting friend  is just fine while your baby is growing, and also gives you a break.

9) Extra night feeding. As your baby is physically and mentally growing he may well need extra night feeds until his baby growth spurt has passed. He will need to consume more calories at each feed and may not last as long in  between feeds as normal.

10) Clothing too small. You will find that suddenly the baby clothes that where once too big for your newborn are now too small and the next size is needed.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading all about your baby’s baby growth spurt and it has shown you that sudden growing in your baby is perfectly normal.

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