Baby reflux remedies

Baby reflux remedies

There is no real cure for baby reflux. Normally it is some thing that your baby will just grow out of. There are many baby reflux remedies that can be tried to help your baby if he is suffering from baby reflux.


Physical baby reflux remedies that may help.

1) Angle your baby’s cot so that their head is higher than their body. The angle should be about 40 degrees. The amount you lift his head does depend on his age and how bad his baby reflux is.

2) Keep your baby upright for 30 minutes after a feed. This is one of my baby reflux remedies that helps the milk stay in his tummy while the stomach starts to digest his feed.

3) If you have chosen to bottle feed your baby then wind him after every ounce or two. This is one of my baby reflux remedies that can be used while they are feeding. This helps to lessen trapped air in the tummy.

3a)  If you are breast feeding then wind your baby for an extra few minutes after feeding from each breast.

4) Putting baby over your shoulder is another of my baby reflex remedies that can help if your baby suffers straight after a feed and seems to be upset. The pressure that this position puts on the tummy can help some babies.

Medical baby reflux remedies that may help.

If your baby has more severe reflux then these baby reflux remedies can be tried, but you will need to consult with your doctor first for most of them.

5) A baby antacid is one of my baby reflux remedies that is a medicine made for babies which helps to neutralise and reduce stomach acid.

6) You can buy special formulas that are thicker than normal ones and these help stay in the tummy easier but again you need to check with your doctor before you do this.

7) I have known of some babies who have been given special medication to help with their baby reflux.

This is one of my baby reflux remedies that can only be prescribed by your doctor. These may be given if your baby’s reflux is very very bad and baby is perhaps loosing weight.

8) Testing your baby for allergies is the last one of my baby reflux remedies that can be done to rule out any underlying problems that are causing baby reflux.


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