Baby teething remediesbaby teething remedies

As teething can last from a few days to many months, finding baby teething remedies that help your baby cope is very important for both of you.

First of all you should know what teething actually is and you can find that out and when do babies start teething here

So those little teeth have begun to move about and are causing a few problems. As the teeth break through the gums they can become red, sore and swollen.

Here is a list of baby teething remedies that can be tried to help your baby cope with baby teething while those teeth are popping through.

1) Chewing. The first of my baby teething remedies is offering your baby something to chew on. Most babies will naturally find things to chew, like their hands or toys close by, but if you can offer things that are also cold then this baby teething remedies idea can helps those gums much more.

2) Teething rings. Teething rings are great baby teething remedies. They can be popped into the fridge for an hour to cool and they are safe and easy for baby to hold themselves.

3) Cool raw carrots or apple. You can offer raw carrot or apple chunks but not once the teeth have come through as they can bite of bits that could be a choking hazard. Only use this baby teething remedies suggestion if your with your baby and they have started weening.

4) I have improvised in the past with a clean cold damp flannel that was in fact a huge baby teething remedies hit!

5) Cool water. The fifth of my baby teething remedies is to offer some cool water in a bottle. As they suck on the bottle it rubs on the gums and helps to calm the swelling and redness.

6) Teething gels. Teething gels are ok baby teething remedies to use after your baby is 4 months old and work quite well for the first few teeth. When your baby begins to develop the back teeth, teething gels are a bit hit and miss as you may not be applying it to the correct area.

7) Homeopathic teething granules. This is a baby teething remedies idea that I have found to work very well for many of my babies. They are popped into the mouth of baby and just dissolve on baby’s tongue.  Follow the instructions on the packet for dosage.

8) Your finger! As long as it is clean, then gently rub the gums all over with your index finger. Can get a little painful for you once teeth do start to appear. I have been the proud owner of a little set of teeth marks along my finger many times.

9) Some babies develops nappy rash due to teething. If this happens to your baby then applying a barrier cream to their bottom at every nappy change and allowing then some nappy free time helps to heal it much quicker.

10) Infant paracetamol. This can’t be used every day, and please always read the dosage instructions but for those teeth that just don’t want to appear and  are being troublesome or causing pain at night then a small amount is ok.

11) My final baby teething remedies hint. If your baby is dribbling (drooling) lots and has begun to get a sore spotty chin then try and keep it as dry as possible by wiping often. You can also apply some Vaseline to their chin to act as a barrier.


I hope my baby teething remedies have helped those little gums to become less sore. And put a smile back on baby’s face. :)

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