Baby teethingBaby teething

Your baby’s teeth develop while he is still in the womb. These teeth are then ready to pop up through his gums once baby teething begins.

I did once take baby twins for MRI scans and it was amazing to see the teeth under the gum line in the jaw just waiting to pop through!

Baby teething is the term used when baby’s teeth start moving under the gum line and then begin to pop through the gum to show us little white teeth.

These first teeth are called milk teeth.

They will stay until the adult teeth are ready to start coming through. This starts to happens when they are about 6 years old.

Baby teething often begins at about 6 months old but I have had some babies that have started teething at 3 months. I have also had calls from worried parents that think baby teething in their 7 month old is never going to start.

Each baby grows at their own speed so please don’t worry.

When do babies start teething

Teething often happens in a certain order so here is a list of the normal order the teeth should appear in and at what age:

What age do babies start teething

- bottom front 4 teeth, incisors at 5 to 7 months
- top front 4 teeth, incisors at 6 to 8 months
-  teeth at each side of the top front teeth, top lateral incisors at 9 to 11 months
- teeth at each side of the bottom front teeth, bottom lateral incisors at 10 to 12 months
- back teeth, molars at 12 to 18 months
- teeth towards the back of the mouth, canines at 16 to 22 months
- second molars at 20 to 30 months

Most children will have a full set of milk teeth by the time they are 2 years 6 months.

Teething symptoms

All this moving about of these teeth can make baby’s gums quite sore and there are many symptoms that may show the start of baby teething.

How does a baby act when teething

- red rosy cheeks
- red swollen gums
- lots of dribbling (drooling)
- spotty rash on chin, caused by dribble
- always wanting to chew on anything
- biting
- nappy rash
- unsettled and fretful
- sleepless nights

If you think your baby has begun teething, please go to my  teething remedies page to see what you can do to help those sore red gums.

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