circumcision for baby

Circumcision for baby

I have looked after and cared for many baby boys now who have been circumcised. Circumcision for baby is very common with Jewish or American families.

Circumcision for baby is offered in America before baby comes out of hospital.

Why do babies get circumcised

Circumcision for baby boys in a Jewish family is a religious male circumcision ceremony called the ‘Brit Milah’. It is performed on the 8th day of babies life by the ‘mohel’ and is then followed by a meal to celebrate. It is a very large family gathering where most, if not all of the family get together.

It is traditional for the Brit to be held in a synagogue or at the home of the baby. The Brit is held in the morning or in the hours of daylight.

Once the circumcision for baby has taken place it is very important to get the after care correct.

Circumcision for baby. After care information
The general after care of your baby is quite easy but for the first few hours it is more about checking that there is no major bleeding.

Your baby has had a small operation to remove the foreskin over his penis. Babies will vary in how they feel after the operation. Some babies are calm or sleepy while others are unsettled. If your baby is unsettled then your finger dipped in sugar water for baby to suck on or 2mls Calpol every 6 hours can help. Your doctor will tell you the best form of pain relief for your baby. Only give Calpol once your doctor has said it is ok to do so.

Circumcision for baby. Bleeding
You may find a small amount of spotting and the wet nappy may be pink which is a mix of old blood and urine in the diaper. As the day passes, the urine will become less pink and by the next day should be clear again.

You must then check the nappy every hour until bedtime and then every 2 hours during the night. This is done to keep an eye on the amount of bleeding and if there is fresh bleeding, the babies dressing is covered in blood all around the penis and is on the nappy as well, then it’s wise to contact the doctor who performed the procedure. He can then tell you the best course of action to take and will advise you on what to do next.

Most doctors will leave you their contact numbers and do normally phone in the evening to check that all is well and that baby is settled.

Care of the wound and dressing

The wound will be covered by a layer of gauze, two strips of white gauze and two pieces of micro pore tape which attaches the dressing to the skin. There is then a tissue coated in Vaseline which covers the dressing which should be replaced every time it gets wet. It is mainly there to stop babies poo from getting on the dressing.

Removal of the dressing
It is important that the whole dressing is removed the next morning after the circumcision. The dressing usually falls off by itself before this time though and there is no minimum time for the dressing to stay on.

After removal of the dressing

When the dressing comes off the wound will look a little sore and may even bleed a little. This is nothing to worry about. It is called capillary bleeding and will stop quickly. You will need to put plenty of sudocrem over the wound every time you change baby’s nappy. You will then continue to cover the sudocrem covered penis with the Vaseline coated tissue.

Do not bath baby for 5 days, but you can top and tail him.

Each day after circumcision for baby the wound will look better and less sore. It will take about a week to be healed fully.

After the first few hours babies are not usually troubled by what has just happened. A few babies do cry when they urinate but this passes quickly. A yellow film may appear over the glands. This is harmless and normal and will clear by itself within 5 to 7 days.

Water to drink
Offer your baby water to drink in between feeds. This is more so if he is bottle fed. If you are breastfeeding then you yourself should drink more water as this helps to make your milk more dilute and this helps to make your baby’s urine more dilute as well. This acts like a salt bath every time he urinates and helps to speed up the healing process.

baby circumcision healing

Follow up
Your baby will  be offered a follow up appointment after circumcision for baby. This is about 5 days after the procedure and if stitches where used this is when they will be taken out.

Once the stitches have been removed and if your doctor is happy with the healing then no more treatment will be needed.

I hope my circumcision for baby page has helped you find the information you needed.

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