Colic remedies

I’ve listed various colic remedies that you can try to help your baby, I hope at least one or two of my colic remedies work for you.

Sadly there is no perfect solution to dealing with baby colic, and what works for your baby one day might not work for another baby or might not work the next day. Even I find it’s trial and error!

Before you try my colic remedies you do need to be sure your baby is actually suffering from colic find out here .When you understand what baby colic symptoms and causes are you stand a far greater chance of success with colic remedies


This is the first of my colic remedies.

colic remedies

a few little ideas on how to deal with colic

Wind your baby BEFORE you start each feed, half way through the feed and at the end, then keep them upright for at least 10 minutes after the feed.

Make sure baby’s back is nice and straight as this will help the air bubbles to come up easily. Sitting baby up straight on your knee or draped over your shoulder with their arms up high are good positions to use.

Another of my colic remedies is to pat their back or rub from the middle of the back firmly and upwards may help.

Tummy massage.

Rub baby’s tummy or back in an anti- clockwise circle, this is good for tummy spasms.

Cranial Osteopathy.

I’ve taken a few babies for this and it really does work as a Colic remedies. It helps to realign the bones in the skull and relieve possible head pressure.

They seem much calmer after a session but do often need more than one and it can be expensive but it’s money well spent if you’re  at the end of your tether!


Homeopathy is another one of my colic remedies that I’ve used on very stressed upset babies.

I’ve seen a huge improvement on some babies but it can take a couple of days to kick in.

I would suggest checking with your G.P first before you begin.


Another of my colic remedies is movement.

Swaying back and forth or from side to side can help to calm some babies.

Walking from room to room is a colic remedies that can work but this can also make others worse so it’s knowing what your baby likes as to whether this colic remedies works for you.

Walking in the buggy or taking baby for a ride in the car can help.


Give baby a warm bath. This colic remedies helps to relax baby and once relaxed spasms may calm down or wind may appear!

Calming baby.

A calm baby is going to have less trouble dealing with any wind issues that may arise.

Use white noise to soothe or holding him firmly while swaddled may help.

Singing a song to him may distract him long enough to become calm and relaxed, and let the spasm pass.


If you’ve tried various colic remedies but still nothing works then it may be time to try some over the counter medicines you can get from your local pharmacy.

Infacol is an oral suspension colic remedies that you give before each feed and works by helping all the little air bubbles in baby’s tummy to become bigger bubbles and easier to expel.

Often a lovely big burp is produced when used.

Gripe water works in a similar way to Infacol and babies seem to love the stuff. Again it’s a colic remedies that works for some and not for others.


Probiotics can be used to re balance your baby’s good bacteria in the gut.


A dummy may work as a colic remedies as your baby loves to suck and the sucking action is very soothing for baby. It helps to calm them and to break the crying cycle.


Using an anti colic bottle may mean that your baby takes in less air or you could try moving to a bigger teat as the milk flow will increase.


If you are breast feeding you may notice that certain foods you eat upset your baby’s tummy.

Cut down on caffeine, spicy or acidic food, and alcohol. Some of my mums had to cut down on chocolate and tomatoes as well!

Over stimulation.

The last of my colic remedies.

If your baby is finding this new world he has come into tricky to deal with then keep him calm and quiet for a few days.

Feed him in the same quiet place each day and pop him back to bed very soon after the feed.

He may just be finding the world around him too stimulating and he may just be finding it hard to cope with all the sights and smells this new world has in it.

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