Constipation in baby                                           constipation in baby

Constipation in baby is one of the biggest worries a new parent has and is my baby pooing enough is a question I get asked all the time.

Newborn not pooping

If you are sure your baby is constipated you should read our constipation remedies page here

Is my baby constipated?

How will I know if he is, what can I do about it, and what can I do to cure constipation in baby are high on the list of concerns.

It’s good to know that babies don’t have the same bowel habits as adults.

If your baby is breast fed, they will in fact poo far more often than you would expect.

Every time you change their nappy they are dirty and so there will be no need to worry about constipation in baby.

Breast fed baby constipation.

Most breast fed babies do not have a problem with constipation as breast milk is easier to digest.

Breast milk contains good types of bacteria that help to break down fats, carb’s and harder to digest proteins.

Breast milk also contains a hormone called motilin that speeds up your baby’s digestion.

If your baby is thirsty, he can take more milk on board while he feeds, over a bottle fed baby that can only drink what is given to him.

Breast milk also changes as your baby grows so it’s always just what your baby needs.

Bottle fed baby

The problems may begin once baby is a few weeks old and their tummies begin to find a pattern that will then stay for some time.

Once your baby’s system starts to do this, or you have begun to add some formula into their diet, want to change from breast to bottle or bottle feeding from the start then they may begin to poo less often.

You start to worry when they where pooing many times a day and now they decide to maybe only poo once every 3 to 5 days.

I have had babies that have ‘stored’ up their poo for almost a week! Brace yourself and get plenty of wipes ready for when it does arrive!

When the poo does arrive and if baby didn’t have an issue pooing and it was mustardy yellow, brown in colour and was a SOFT STOOL, then your baby IS NOT constipated, they are just re adjusting their bowel habits.

I know you have patiently waited all week for this moment, so please cheer at the fact the poo has happened, send a text to daddy in the office to pass on this moment, and don’t worry.

If you find your baby straining, they seem unsettled, their poo looks like pellets or little nuggets when they do pass them, then there may be an issue and you may want to consider that there is some constipation in baby.

Please don’t worry this can be solved in some simple ways read our constipation remedies page here

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If you think your baby is constipated please look at our remedies page here or if you would like further information on constipation you can look here