How to change a Diaper

When you change your baby  in the early days you will be all fingers and thumbs. Don’t worry, babies are very wriggly and it’s a new skill that you have to learn but in no time at all you will be first class diaper changer. Even my first diaper  change was a disaster!

Remember that along with you learning how to change baby, baby is also learning that it’s nice to have a clean bottom.

Many babies will cry at nappy change time but as they get use to all the new sensations they feel when being changed, they will begin to like the attention and the feeling of being clean.

Don’t worry about baby crying, keeping calm yourself and talking to baby, telling them what you are doing and why, will in time, teach baby that it’s fun too have a nice clean bottom.

Keep change time simple and have all things to hand. You will need:

  1. Diapers
  2. Cotton wool pads
  3. Bowl of warm water
  4. Nappy sack
  5. Your chosen nappy rash cream
  6. Spare clothes
  7. One dirty bottom!

how to change a diaper





10 steps to a happy bottom

  1. The key is to have everything in the list above too hand before you start and all in front of you so you don’t have to turn around or leave an exposed bottom for too long, especially important when changing little boys as they always wee!
  2. The best place to change your baby is on a change mat on the floor. This is the safest place for your baby especially if you have had a multiple birth or you have other small children. If you are using a changing table do not leave baby alone even for a few seconds as one day baby will roll over and may fall off!
  3. Before you undress baby, from the waist down is enough, wet several cotton wool pads ready for use.
  4. Opening up your Diaper sack so that all dirty items can be put inside easily is helpful.
  5. Open the tabs on the diaper and wipe away any baby poo using the dirty diaper. Then using the wet cotton wool pads wipe away the rest of the baby poo.
  6. With girls always wipe from front to back to avoid any baby poo from entering the vagina and wipe around the penis and testicles of a boy. There is no need to pull back baby’s foreskin.
  7. Check all baby’s creases are also clean.
  8. When baby is clean, use a dry cotton wool pad to dry the skin before applying any cream. Make sure all creases are dry as they can get sore easily. Use your chosen  cream if needed.
  9. Place the clean diaper up under baby’s back and pull the front  forward, up and secure with the tabs either side. Make sure the tabs are even on each side. It  should feel snug around baby’s waist but not tight.
  10. Put baby’s clothes back on and dispose of the soiled item in the bin. Remember to wash your hands after any diaper change.

How many times a day should I change my baby’s diaper

It is always good practice to change baby soon after they have soiled . This is more important if your baby has very sensitive skin. This can be 8 to 10 times a day in the early days and drop down to 5 or 6 times a day when there are more wet diapers than soiled.

Changing baby often helps to prevent diaper rash as it lessens the contact time between baby’s delicate skin and their  baby poo.

I tend to change my babies around each feed time. This time depends on whether they need a diaper change to wake them up before or during a feed or if they like to have a clean diaper at the end before they sleep.

I hope that how to change a diaper page has given you all the helpful tips you need to make diaper changing time fun for you and baby.

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