Flying with baby

flying with babyNow if your going on holiday and flying with baby (can I come too!) you’re going to be coping with the plane trip itself!

How do babies fly on planes

I’ve done a few plane trips flying with baby of various ages and being organised is the  key to a smoother trip, i’m going to list various things that I have found could help in these situations when you want to go flying with baby.

Be prepared for customs!

Sometimes you sail straight through, yes you have to test the water in the bottles and a good way of doing this to to pour a little water from 3 bottles into the lid of one and drink, that way you keep them all sterile.

Sometimes how ever your baby becomes the biggest world threat to man and every thing from the changing bag is removed, looked at sniffed and rummaged through, best thing to do is let them do their job, take a big breath, stick it all back into the bag when you can and get on your way. Annoying but sadly that’s life.

Note, DO NOT travel with cartons of ready made baby milk if your going through customs to go on holiday, they use to be ok about this but these days, they are allowed to ask you to open and try all of your cartons if they wish and then you are stuck with 5 feeds which all expire in 1 hour!

Water and powder in a baby milk dispenser is the safe way to go.

Know where you packed every thing and make things as easy to get too as possible.

When you pack your bags, if you are taking tubs of formula, make sure you spread them between the cases you take. That way if one case goes missing you won’t have the panic of being without baby’s formula.

Keep in the back of your mind, baby’s usual routine and if he starts getting upset, think about what he would be doing if he was at home, it’s often a cue for food or sleep that upsets them.

Before you board the plane, get the whole family to use a nasal spray to combat any germs that may try and ruin your holiday. The cold and other viruses starts in the nose, and planes are a great place for them to lurk. You can get baby nasal sprays and cold defence sprays from any chemist. I use them every time I fly.

Try and feed your baby on the way up and way down, this helps to equalise their ear pressure, which they can get quite upset about.

If you can afford it, buy a seat for baby as well, this then gives you extra space and really does help when you travel with baby especially on a longer flight.

Try when you book your tickets, to get a seat that will enable you to have a bassinet, then if baby does nod off you have some where to lay him so you get a rest.

Once you’ve landed and if you then need a hire car, the easiest way to cope when you travel with baby is to send daddy off to find, sort and bring back the car while you hang around the entrance area of the airport.

It saves you all walking over to the hire car area, only to then be told you need to be some where else to pick up the car.

Let him run about the airport for half an hour finding the car while you and baby perhaps enjoy a coffee and a feed.

Ok so now your there, and your holiday has begun, flying with baby wasn’t so bad have fun and enjoy! :) you can get some official travel info from Mr Branson here

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