how to increase milk supply


How to increase breastmilk supply

Low milk supply slow milk flow. If you find yourself with a low milk supply or slow milk flow then there are many breastfeeding problems remedies that can be tried to get your milk supply up so that it matches the appetite of your baby. The following how to increase milk supply ideas will help .

How to increase breastmilk supply  tip 1

  • Good latch. The main cause of a low/slow milk flow is a poor latch from baby. It’s well worth the time and a little money if this is the case to get a lactation consultant to help you perfect this technique. A good latch will improve breast stimulation and this will then increase milk production.

How to increase breastmilk supply  2

  • Frequent feeding. Feeding your baby frequently in the early days and until your milk supply increases is another way to improve your flow. Make sure baby goes no longer than 3 hours from the start of one feed to the beginning of the next.

How to increase breastmilk supply  tip 3

  • Single side feeding. Don’t switch sides too soon. Make sure your baby has drained each breast at each sitting before switching to the other side. Your baby may take up to 45 minutes to finish a side in the early days. This is fine and will allow them to get the hind milk ( fatty milk) in each feed.

How to increase breastmilk supply  tip 4

  • Rest where possible. Whenever you can, rest, sleep or just put your feet up with a drink and a magazine. Think of it as milk making time where your giving your body time to relax and produce yet more milk for baby.

How to increase milk supply tip 5

  • Eating and drinking well. A healthy balanced diet is the perfect way to keep you fit and well and allow your body the calories it needs to do all this extra work. A breastfeeding mum needs an extra 500 calories a day to ensure that she stays fit and well and can supply her baby with milk. Go on treat yourself to that biscuit. Make sure that you drink a large glass of water at each feed as well. This will give your body the fluid it needs as well as making milk and avoids dehydration.

How to increase milk supply tip 6

  • Limit your stress. Let others worry about the stresses and strains of life. All you have to do at the moment is enjoy the time you have with your baby.

How to increase breastmilk supply tip 7

  • Pumping or hand expressing. If your baby is very sleepy, you may need to pump or hand express in between feeds to help get things going. As we have said before breastfeeding usually works on a supply and demand basis so the more you ask your body to make the more it will produce.

How to increase breastmilk supply 8

  • Using a SNS (supplementary nursing system). If your baby is latching well but is getting frustrated at waiting for milk to arrive then a good way to bridge the gap before it does is to use a supplementary nursing system or SNS. It works by attaching a tube to your breast that is connected to a bottle of either formula or expressed milk and as your baby latches and the tube gets taken into baby’s mouth the milk from the bottle flows into the tube and this flows into baby’s mouth making baby feed. This action then stimulates your body to make milk and within a few days or a week your milk should increase.

How to increase breastmilk supply 9

  • Medication in severe cases. In very severe cases of low milk supply your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that helps to increase milk production.

how to increase milk supply

Slow let down reflex. If you find yourself with a slow let down then the following breastfeeding problems remedies can help.

  • Warm compress. The warmth of a damp cloth placed on your breast will help make it easier for baby to feed and get milk flowing. Use a warm compress a few minutes before each feed to help stimulate your breast.
  • Hand express or pump first. If your let down is very slow then you may need to hand express or pump for a few minutes to get things started. This will help your baby as it will have encouraged milk to begin flowing before baby goes to the breast to feed and should lessen the amount of bobbing on and off baby does at the start of the feed.
  • Stress. This is a breastfeeding problems remedies tip that is easier said than done but try not to get upset with your baby if he gets cross at the breast. He is working really hard as well and it must be very frustrating to be sucking but with limited results. If you can keep calm in this situation then your milk will flow much better. If he gets very upset the best thing to do is take him away from the breast, let him calm down and try again.

Fast let down too much milk. You may think you have been blessed if you have a very fast let down or far too much milk. This is ok if you have a very hungry bigger baby but if you have an averaged sized baby or smaller baby then having too much milk comes with its own problems.

Here are some breastfeeding problems remedies that may help you with how to increase milk supply , what is medically known as hyper lactation.

  • Feed laying down. Let gravity help you where it can. Feed baby laying back, tummy to tummy with you or feeding laying down with baby at one side of you may also help.
  • Express milk at the start. If at the beginning your flow is super fast then it’s worth pumping off just enough to easy the pressure at the breast. This breastfeeding problems remedies tip will help baby cope with the flow at the beginning of the feed. Only pump a small amount and use the lowest setting possible to avoid over stimulating your breasts.
  • Feed baby before he gets really hungry. A hungry baby will have a far stronger suck than one who is just beginning to get a little peckish. The stronger the suck the more he will stimulate your breasts and this is what we are trying to avoid.
  • Nipple shields. Some mums find that using a nipple shield can help to control the flow of milk into baby’s mouth. This can help if your baby gags a lot while feeding.
  • Feeding of one breast. You can try feeding off one breast for 2 to 4 feeds in a row while gently pumping the other side just enough to relieve the pressure. Baby is allowed to feed as many times as is necessary but only on the one side. Then switch breasts for another 2 to 4 feeds while gently pumping the other side, again just enough to relieve any pressure. Trying this breastfeeding problems remedies technique for 2 or 3 days may help to lessen your milk flow.
  • Medication in severe cases. In very severe hyper lactation cases your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that helps to lower milk production.

I hope that this page has helped you and that you and your baby are now working well as a team.

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