nappy rash remediesNappy Rash Remedies

If you find your baby suffering from nappy rash for any reason here are some nappy rash remedies to try and soothe that sore little bottom.

1. Be aware if your baby has very sensitive skin, and try to use as few products as possible.

2. Changing your baby often and as soon as they have soiled their nappy may help towards clearing it up.

3. Baby’s bottom can become very reactive to baby wipes and soaps, so try going back to basics by using cotton wool and water to clean your baby’s bottom and use  plain water to bath baby in.

You can cleanse baby’s bottom with olive oil soaked cotton wool to get rid of harder to remove poo.

4. Changing  your washing powder to a non bio fragrance free type if using re usable nappies is another of my nappy rash remedies.

5. Irritation caused by the nappy itself, is rare, but if you have tried several other things and it still persists then try swapping your brand of nappy.

6. If you think your baby’s nappy rash is caused by something you are eating while breast feeding then start a food diary and keep a check on what you eat and how sore baby’s bottom is.

This is one of my nappy rash remedies that has helped me to pin point a trigger food in baby a few times while maternity nursing.

7. Similarly to a breast feeding mum, if your baby’s bottom begins to suffer after you  start weaning baby then keep a food diary.

This again is one of my nappy rash remedies that has worked many time for me while I was a nanny.

8. Teething may be a factor of your baby’s nappy rash, sadly not much can be done when those little teeth start to come through.

9. Barrier methods of protection for your baby’s bottom are great and it’s often wise to use these as a preventative method especially if you know your baby suffers now and again.

There are several creams out there on the market, no one is better than the other, it’s more a case of what suits your baby’s skin.

10. Air is an amazing healer and  a good amount of nappy free time in a nice warm room before their bath works well.

If you can give baby at least 20 minutes of nappy free time each day to help their nappy rash, it will usually clear up much quicker.

I hope my nappy rash remedies page has helped your baby’s bottom to heal.

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