Nappy Rashnappy rash

Nappy rash is a common condition that most baby’s will suffer with at some point in the first year to 18 months of life.

It is usually harmless but can cause baby some distress as their tiny bottoms can become very sore.

Prevention is better than cure and some babies suffer nappy rash more than others.

I have found that my babies with fair skin tone have suffered more than my babies with more olive skin.

What does diaper rash look like?

Nappy rash looks like sore red patches of skin on your baby’s bottom. They can appear on your baby’s genitals, folds of the skin in the nappy area and on the bottom.

They can, in severe cases break the skin and bleed or become blistered.

If you notice that your baby’s bottom is very wet looking, has red or white pimples and stays longer than one week or becomes angry looking then your baby may be suffering from a thrush infection.

This will need treating with an anti biotic cream and a trip to the doctor or nurse is advisable.

How do babies get diaper rash

There are various things that can trigger nappy rash on your baby’s bottom.

1, If your baby has very sensitive skin they are more likely to suffer, especially in the early weeks.

2, Leaving your baby very wet or dirty can cause baby’s bottom to become sore.

3, Sensitivity to soaps or baby wipes is another cause.

4, A reaction to washing powder used for washing re usable nappies.

5, The nappies themselves can sometimes cause the nappy rash, this is rare but I have seen it start from nappy irritation.

6, Some breasted baby’s suffer if mum eats or drinks something that makes their breast milk more acidic.

7, Beginning solid food may be a cause as it changes the composition of baby’s stools, or certain foods may make it worse as the diet becomes more varied.

8, Teething may be a cause and it was only a few years ago that health workers finally agreed that there was a link between teething and nappy rash.

As with all baby rashes if you have any concerns about your baby please seek medical advice.

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