Newborn Cradle cap.

Newborn cradle cap is a harmless skin condition that most newborns develop in the first 2 months of life.

Newborn cradle cap is similar to adult dandruff.

The cause of newborn cradle cap is unclear but it may be due to over active oil glands on your baby’s body producing too much oil. newborn cradle cap

This oil then mixes with the dead skin cells that are like adult dandruff and because they are  not worn off due to rubbing on clothing they  produce a crusty yellow scale on the skin.

Newborn cradle cap normally builds up on parts of your baby’s body that do not get rubbed by clothing. This is why it’s mainly found on baby’s scalp and in the eye brows of baby. Cradle cap on face usually appears in the eye/ nose area of baby’s face.

There is nothing to suggest that because your baby has got new born cradle cap that infant care is low or hygiene is poor. The level of infant care your baby receives does not mean you baby will stay cradle cap free.

It shouldn’t cause your baby any problems such as itching or swelling of the affected area. If the area begins to look red or swollen then please get it checked out at your local clinic.

The infant care for treating cradle cap is very easy.

How to treat cradle cap

First you soak your baby’s head or affected area with olive oil. The longer you can leave the oil to soak into the crust, the better. Anything from an hour to several hours is great.

It’s good after a good soak to brush baby’s head from front to back with a soft baby brush. This helps to loosen and lift the crust and makes it easier to wash out.

Then when it’s baby’s bath time you can wash their head with shampoo. You don’t need to use a cradle cap shampoo, any baby shampoo will work.

It depends on how bad the newborn cradle cap is but you may need to complete the whole process more than once. I tend to leave a few days in between treatments.

Please be careful leaving any oil close to baby’s eyes.

If there is dry scaly skin close to the eyes then it’s best to just wash this area while in the bath with baby’s face sponge. Wipe from the inside of the eye/ eyebrow area out firmly but gently a few times.

Dry the area as normal and finish with your usual bath time routine.

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