Newborn Sticky Eye Remedies.

There are a few simple home remedies that can be used to help treat your baby’s newborn sticky eye.

1) Cooled boiled water. Bathing baby’s eye with cool boiled water whenever it looks crusty is a simple newborn sticky eye remedies suggestion. Soak the corner of a cotton wool pad with cool boiled water and wipe from the corner near the nose out to the edge of the eye.

If you need to wipe the eye more than once to remove the goo then use a clean cotton wool pad every time. But only wipe twice, this way you don’t make the eye sore.

2) Breast milk is a great newborn sticky eye remedies treatment. You can drop it into babys eye every time you feed and let it sit in the eye for a few minutes before you wipe it away. Breatmilk has mild anti biotic properties that help to clear your baby’s sticky eye.

3) Massaging the area between the eye and the nose may be a newborn sticky eye remedies treatment that will help to clear the blocked tear duct.

After washing your hands,  pop a tissue over your index finger and massage in a circle a few times before giving the eye a little wipe. Do this before each feed. If the duct is very blocked you may see the eye fill with a small amount off goo. Just wipe it away if this happens.

Medical treatment

1) Occasionally a newborn sticky eye can be persistent and does not clear itself with the help of home remedies.

If your child gets to a year old and is still suffering with newborn sticky eye then your doctor may suggest that you have a small medical procedure carried out to clear the blocked tear duct. It’s a very simple day procedure and nothing to worry about.

I hope that my newborn sticky eye remedies page has helped put your mind at rest and that those little eyes are now crystal clear to gaze at you.

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