Newborn Sticky Eye.

Many newborn babies develop Newborn Sticky Eye. Its very normal for newborns to have symptoms in one or both eyes in the first few weeks or months after birth.

If you are already familiar or 100% sure your baby has sticky eyes then you can learn how to treat sticky eye here .

If you are unsure of the symptoms or wish to learn what sticky eye is  please continue to read and if in doubt visit a qualified medical practitioner .

What causes Newborn Sicky Eye?

Your baby’s eyes produce tears all the time. These tears are produced in glands called lacrimal glands. They help keep the eye moist and these tears need somewhere to go once they have moistened baby’s eye.

They should drain away through the tear duct at the bottom of the eye that leads into the nose but sometimes this duct is not fully developed at birth, becomes blocked or is blocked at birth and takes a few weeks to clear itself. This blockage is what causes newborn sticky eye.

Occasionally this delay in development means that the affected tear duct may take longer to open than normal, allowing tears to drain from the eye.

Most Doctors will not suggest any medical form of treatment for newborn sticky eye until your baby is a year old.

Symptoms of Newborn Sticky Eye?

You may notice that your baby’s eye or eyes become ‘sticky’.

They may look watery and have a sticky goo in the corners of the eye or on the lashes. This may look white/yellowish in colour. They may seem much worse after your baby has been asleep.

Most newborn sticky eyes clear up on there own over a few weeks or months, but if you are unsure at all then please get your Dr to have a quick look to make sure there is no infection.

You baby’s newborn sticky eye should only ever look watery with some sticky goo on the lashes or in the corners of the eye. Your baby’s eye should always look healthy and white.

When to see your doctor?

If the eye begins to have any of the below symptoms then your baby may have developed a small eye infection that will need medical treatment.

* Redness on the eye lids and edges of the eye.
* Swollen eye area.
* The white of the eye looks red, bloodshot or pink.
* The crusty goo becomes greenish in colour.

If you think your baby has a sticky eye then please take a look at my newborn sticky eye remedies page for some simple home remedies you can try.

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