Travel with baby

Travel with baby in the early days can be a stressful experience for a new parent. The fact that your unable to be in control of your baby’s surroundings as well as you can in your own home is often a worry for my new mums and dads but with a little organisation and some planning, it can be a fun and enjoyable time. So let’s start with the baby changing bag essentials to get us on our way.

Nappy bag essentials

5 nappies
Packet of wipes
Nappy sacks
Disposable change mat
Spare vest and grobag
2 Muslin squares
Toys and favourite toy
Hand Gel
Suncream in summer
Sun hat or winter wool hat (depending on season)
Red Book, If your trip is to the clinic to get baby weighed or immunisations (more about them in another chapter)

When you travel with baby and have used things from your nappy bag, it’s always good practice to replace anything used, when you GET BACK from your trip, rather than trying to stock it back up in the rush to leave the house just before the next outing.

Travel with baby quick trip to shops

Make life as easy as possible for yourself when you travel with baby, and take only the essentials. If your off to get a pint of milk from the local supermarket, all you need is a spare nappy and a couple wipes in a nappy sack. These can fit in your handbag or under the buggy. If your going to be out for about 2 hours then a change of vest and grobag is wise, especially if there is a poo looming!!! And if you have a  sicky baby then a spare bib is handy.

As a health visitor once told a parent of mine, if your babies ( she had twins) leave the house perfectly groomed but come back a little scruffy , then who cares, all can be cleaned up once your back.

Travel with baby Out for lunch

If your heading to meet a friend for lunch then a few more bits may be needed in the trusty nappy bag. Along with all the basics, you may need to carry the next feed for baby ( unless breast feeding ) and if I’m taking a feed, I always carry the next feed after that as well, just in case of delays. Being stuck somewhere with a hungry baby and nothing to feed them isn’t a good setting to find yourself in.

If your bottle feeding then it’s your choice as to whether you take a ready mixed type of your chosen formula or take water in a bottle and the powder ready for mixing. Either way is just fine and personal preference.

If its an older baby, then a sippy cup of water, bowl, spoon and their food may also have to come along. If you pack the bowl and spoon in its own separate plastic bag then you have it to put dirty bowl and spoon in once they have been used and cuts down on the mess.

Travel with baby a day trip

Day trips can seem daunting for the first time parent but often turn out to be great fun for all concerned and break up the week or weekend.

Now, what you need does depend on the weather, when you want to travel with baby, and what season we are meant to be in.

If it’s a hot day, then double check there is plenty of sun cream, the sun hat hasn’t run off and take plenty of water with you.

If its a cold day, then dry cold weather and wet weather gear is good to take, when you want to travel with baby and an umbrella for you.

If your walking to your destination, then pack the rain cover for the buggy or the sun umbrella, depending on weather.

If your going by car, and as you have extra room to fill, then please feel free to take the kitchen sink as well but check you have left enough room for the car seat.

How many feeds you take, does depend on how long your day trip is going to be but always take one extra. A few more nappies may need to be packed as well as another extra set of clothing, a bib for each feed and an extra muslin square.

Now even us routine led maternity nurses like to say, oh let’s blow the routine for today, head to the zoo with the other kids and take the baby along for extra fun.:) This usually means that even though you are out you can try and keep to the baby’s routine for the day, laying them in buggy when they should sleep and feeding them when they should be fed but as its a different day to the norm, then if timings go slightly off then don’t worry, half an hour either side of normal times is just fine, it won’t have a lasting effect and won’t upset your baby in the long term.

Sleep is mainly the biggest issue when you want to travel with baby on a day trip out as it often doesnt stick to the babies normal pattern and often you can see baby is thinking, hey, what’s going on, I don’t usually do this. Keep the feed times similar and just let baby nap when he wants too. I’ve had babies in the past that have kept themselves to their normal routine without any help and I’ve also had babies that have had no sleep or slept all day when we travel with baby on the day trip out.

Both are just fine, as long at everyone is enjoying their day then, don’t worry for today and just enjoy it.

Travel with baby

A few days away, going by plane, and longer journeys

Now this is when you do need to make a list to travel with baby!

Babies are the smallest ones to travel but are always the ones with the biggest suitcase.

Whether your off for two nights or two weeks you have to take the same when you want to travel with baby, it’s just the quantity of each thing that you take changes.

It’s probably easier now for me just to give you the large list of stuff your going to need!

I’ve worked with many families who I have travelled with, some are happy to double up the use of some things, ie, the buggy or car seat can also be used as a high chair and can be used as places to feed your baby, others wouldn’t be happy with this idea and also need a travel seat to feed baby in. When bathing baby while on your holidays and if baby is small enough or the sink is big enough then baby can be bathed in sink rather than taking or buying a baby bath while on holiday.

Right Here goes …

Travel with baby: The big list!

Clothing baby:

Vests, long sleeved and short sleeved.

Body suits. Long arms long legs. Short arms short legs.

T.shirts. Jumpers. Cardigans. Shirts, long sleeved and short sleeved.

Dresses. Shorts. Trousers. Socks. Tights. Sun hat/winter wool hat. Swimming costume/ trunks. Coats. Shoes. Boots. Wellingtons.

Cleaning baby:

Nappies. Wipes. Nappy sacks. Bottom cream. Change mats. Cotton wool.

Shampoo. Body wash. Baby bath sponges. Baby moisturiser. Sun cream. Nail scissors/ file. Baby paracetamol. Baby anti-histamines. Plasters. Baby hair brush. Towels. Wire bath seat. Water thermometer.

Feeding baby:

Bottles, Baby milk powder, Bottle brush, Steriliser. Baby milk dispenser. Bibs. Dummies

Moulie. Food blender. Bowls. Spoons. Plastic food bags.

Sleeping baby:

Sheets. Swaddles. Blankets. Muslin squares. Moses basket. Black out blind. Room thermometer

Traveling Baby bigger items:

Car seat. Buggy. Travel cot. Baby sling. We suggest for these types of items you check out  Playmat.  Travel seat. Baby monitor. Washing Liquid. Laundry detergent.

Fun time baby:

Toys. Arm bands. Swim seat. Swimming nappies.

In an Emergency:

Red Book and any medical information that may be needed in an emergency. Any medication that baby may be using. Passport. Baby!

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