Unsettled baby remedies

If you’re little munchkin is finding it hard to get to sleep in the evenings and you have read my unsettled baby page then I hope that my unsettled baby remedies page can give you some helpful advice and tips on getting your baby to sleep better. You may find that you need to use more than one unsettled baby remedies tip to get baby to sleep and it may take a week or two before you see a big change in their evening sleeping pattern.

Unsettled baby remedies tips you can do during the day to help your baby stay calm and settle better.

1. Regular feeding routine. My first unsettled baby remedies tip is to put in place a feeding routine that will allow your baby to feed every 3 to 4 hours. This will help with your milk production if you are breastfeeding and will help your baby to take enough milk during the day if breast or bottle feeding.

unsettled baby in evenings2. Regular sleeping routine. Along side the feeding routine give your baby the chance to sleep in a quiet place for some of his daytime naps. This unsettled baby remedies tip will help keep him rested and will lessen the chance of him becoming overtired.
3. If you are breastfeeding then try and rest, drink plenty of fluids and eat regularly. This will help give your body the best chance it has to make the most milk it can.
4. You could express some milk during the day so that you have some to give your baby as a ‘top up’ if you find that your milk is low and baby is still hungry after his early evening feed.
5. Use Infacol or Colic calm during the day. The regular use of these anti colic remedies can make a big difference to evening wind. The more wind you can get up during the day the more it will help that little tummy during the evening.
6. Use anti colic bottles to feed your baby if formula feeding or when offering top ups of breast milk.
7. Don’t be afraid to have some quiet days at home. Life for a newborn is full on and all the new sights, sounds and smells they experience each day is often more than enough stimulation they need in the first month of life.

Unsettled baby remedies tips you can do each evening to help your baby settle better and get a good evenings sleep.

1. If you are breastfeeding you may find cluster feeding during the late afternoon and early evening is an unsettled baby remedies tip that helps your baby to settle better.
2. Starting your evening routine with a warm bath is helpful for some babies, but it can make some worse. This unsettled baby remedies tip often helps older newborns and works well once your baby is over one month old.
3. Keep the evening feed quiet. Make sure the evening feed is done in their bedroom or a quiet place, and in the semi dark.
4. Swaddling is magic for most babies. It helps them feel safe and secure and often calms them instantly.
5. Some babies become very ‘sucky’ when they become unsettled. If this is the case then offer your baby a dummy or pacifier to help calm them.
6. I have forgotten how many hours I have sat with my babies in a quiet dark room. Keeping baby in the dark helps to block out visual stimulation and is an unsettled baby remedies tip that helps the brain to switch off.
7. I’m not a big fan of using sleep aids, as babies can get quite dependant on them to get to sleep. Playing wave noise however does work well. There are many c.d’s or cuddly toys that play white noise sounds that can help.

8. Patting your baby firmly on the back in a steady rhythm once they have been swaddled works for some unsettled babies. You can either put your baby in their mosses basket or crib, pop them slightly on their side so you have access to their back, and pat for 5 to 10 minutes. If baby is not happy being put to bed then do the same but over your shoulder. Pat for 5 to 10 minutes, then pause to see what baby does. If they begin to fret again start the patting once more.

Unsettled baby remedies you can do for yourself to help when baby is fretful.

1. If you know that at a certain time each day baby is going to become unsettled then plan ahead.
2. Make sure you have eaten so that you’re not hungry and take a drink and some snacks with you if you know that you’re going to be with your little one for a few hours.
3. If you can, get some rest. Feeling rested will help when the crying starts and makes it much easier to cope with.
4. If you are able to, get some extra help at this time. Get daddy home from work early if possible, or get a grandparent or friend to come and help. This unsettled baby remedies tip gives you the chance to pass baby to someone else for a little while and gives you a break.
5. Many of my families have said that taking the ‘evening shift’ in turns helps. One night mummy does it and the next night daddy does it. Or they do shifts of an hour at a time.
6. Several of my families have used this time to catch up on some reading. I have spent many hours with a swaddled baby over my shoulder, being patted, in a semi dark room, reading my current novel or completing a puzzle game.
7. If you don’t have any evening help then don’t feel bad if you have to leave baby for 10 minutes to have a cry while you take a breather. Even experienced maternity nurses find the evening fretting stage full on and demanding.
8. REMEMBER that almost all newborn babies go through a stage of being an unsettled baby in the evening and it will pass.

I hope that my unsettled baby remedies page has helped you through those difficult hours each evening and some of my remedies have worked for you and your baby.

Teaching an unsettled baby to sleep better is something that takes time but being patient and consistent with your baby will mean you soon see a big improvement.

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