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Welcome to BabyCures.com 

A new Website aimed to help with all those little problems you may come across while entering the World of Parenthood!


Baby cures web site is a work in progress. The aim is to help all you new moms and dads to answer all those questions you simply forgot to ask. And give you a quick reference point for baby issues that pop up every minute of every day.

We give you practical useful help with your baby questions without the need for in-depth medical knowledge on your part. Practical useable advice tips and tricks that actually work without you having to read through pages and pages of medical mumbo jumbo.

Baby Cures  will expand over the next few weeks, months and years, while I fit it in with nappy changes, and helping mums and dads to look after their new-borns. If you are interested in what a maternity nurse or otherwise know as a baby nurse actually does you can find out more information here


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If you would like to know a bit more about me then please read below.

Since I was at school I’ve always wanted to care for children. As soon as I could I headed to college and completed my National Diploma in Nursery Nursing.

From there I started a 23 year career in child care which is still going strong.

I have continued to complete more courses aimed at newborns, such as how to take care of twins and helping to cope with post natal depression.

I still find myself very busy dealing with baby cures in the real world today.

I began baby sitting while still at college and then became a nanny. I worked in Norfolk, where I live, for many families over many years, and until the children started school.

Then I spent a year working in a child’s day nursery before choosing to take the leap into maternity nursing.

I have now been a maternity nurse for 10 years.

Baby Cures how to care for a baby

Since the start I’ve always enjoyed the challenges that you get faced with every day while caring for children.

I enjoy finding new baby cures, whether it be the little things like finding baby socks that do in fact stay on, or passing on the tricks of the trade to parents so they get their fussy toddler to eat their greens!

I enjoy helping with the more tricky medical issues such as baby cures for REFLUX, ASTHMA or ECZEMA.

I hope you enjoy the site and I hope you can gain from my many years experience which has seen me care for newborns, premature babies and many sets of twins. This adds up to over 85 plus children all over the world.

All information on the baby cures web site is gained from practical  hands on experience and is intended as a guide only.

Should you have any concerns about the health of your baby you should of course contact a  qualified doctor or nurse.

Further information on baby conditions are available here

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